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  1. The image of the word Gandhi has seen a major transformation in the Indian society. Up to 60's, the word Gandhi meant a lean & thin man of dark complexion with spectacles ready to fall of nose tip. It(the word) was synonymous with truth, non violence, freedom & all those good words in the dictionary.

    Next the baton was passed on to another powerful Gandhi named Indira Gandhi, a woman of great substance. Till date Indira Gandhi remains the modern face of Bhartiya Naari (Indian Woman). Then came Mr. Rajiv Gandhi,probably the last Gandhi. And in the end came the era of the Gandhi Moms & BETAs.

    The Varun Gandhi episode: (Click here for Youtube video)
    Meneka Gandhi(Varun Gandhi's mother) has protected the interest of animals for decades but unfortunately she couldn't take care of her own son. Varun Gandhi's hate speech is a big shame for the entire Hindu fraternity. Who will teach him that the Indian voter has matured now?
    With such incidences taking place Gandhi merely remains a surname & the coming polls will only tell whether we as responsible Indians have started thinking beyond the word Gandhi or are we still looking for the "Father of the nation"?

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    1. A population of more than 1.1 crore on paper.
      11% registered for elections.
      11% voting.
      And majority party consisting of 11% votes governing with the help of about 11 other sub-parties.
      What did govern- ever -meant in India?

    2. Yogesh said...

      We know just one Gandhi that's Mahatma Gandhi.

      For many the surname Gandhi is just an another way of gaining votes!!

      I would say we should look for change the people are governed. The only thing that we should look forward is to people liberation.

      Elections are a good way to teach the politicians a lesson!!

    3. True! I think this is the song everywhere abt Varun Gandhi!!!
      It's sad what todays kids can see...he cant see :(
      I think Indian voters can only teach him and no one else :)
      Good post
      Cheers dear

    4. krystyna said...

      Thank you Sunil for explanation this famous word "Gandhi". Interesting.
      Honestly, I knew little bit more only one man with name Gandhi - Mahatma Gandhi - Father of the Nation. I have his books and I like his books. He was Great Man.

      My best wishes to you!

    5. Sunil said...

      Very true. I hope that someday India will have a bi-party system.

      I agree. I'm carrying a notion that Indian voters have matured now and this time we will vote responsible leaders into power.

      Thanks dear.
      The poll results will only tell whether we the citizens of India understand our responsibility to vote good people into power or we are still in love with the same Divide & rule formula.

      Mahatma Gandhi was the only Gandhi worth knowing. :)

    6. Tarun Goel said...

      Varun Gandhi was not in the picture for a long time, so he created one :D
      But the nSA and Supreme cOURT AND eLECTION cOMMISION CAUGHT HIM, now he is rubbing whatever he painted :D
      Secondly lt\ets not enlarge the Gandhi fraternity, he was a man, a victor and a winner. Rest is bull~shit, whatever we have today.

    7. Sunil said...

      Very true indeed.
      Latest Update: Varun Gandhi to get Z-category security. :D

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