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  1. The escape

    Mar 8, 2008

    One wrong step and Tim could've lost his life.
    Chilling December night was growing darker & Tim was the only passenger in his compartment. Though 12 years old Tim appeared younger than his contemporaries.
    As the train pulled out of station Tim was accompanied by a stranger. There was something strange about this stranger; Red eyed, hairs of a wild animal, his body was covered with a blanket.

    "When does the train reach Manor?" asked Tim.
    "11:30pm." replied the stranger with a heavy voice.
    This made fear run through Tims' mind. Firstly because he had not anticipated train reaching so early at the destination, secondly the stranger smelled drunk.
    "Why are you going to Manor?" asked the stranger.
    "I'm returning home from my boarding school and Manor is my last station via train, the remaining journey is to be made by bus." replied Tim.

    The stranger put his right arm around Tims' shoulder and repeated: "There is no bus service at Manor during the night time but you need not worry kiddie, I shall get something arranged for you."
    And he kissed Tim on the left cheek. For Tim the situation was heading the wrong way.
    Getting hold of his bag Tim rose from the seat to make an escape but the stranger caught hold of his left arm and pulled him hard.
    By this time the train was entering some station and before the stranger could make out his second move, Tim shouted for help.

    Finding himself free from stranger's grip Tim ran out of the compartment and climbed another populated compartment.
    Tim got hold of his furious breaths but fear still gripped him. He constantly asked himself: "Where shall I spend the night?."
    As the train started entering Manor station Tim positioned himself at the door to make another escape. The train stopped and Tim cutting through the small crowd ran past the station building and hid himself behind a wall. His eyes could clearly make out the stranger searching for him.

    Finally the train pulled out of Manor and the hustle-bustle of people died out. The stranger was nowhere in sight so Tim moved on to the station platform. Tim comforted himself there and was soon joined by another stranger who revealed himself as the station master.
    "Where are going son?" asked the station master.
    "I'm returning home from my boarding school and my further journey is to be made by bus." replied Tim.
    "But the bus service at Manor starts at 6:30 am, where will you spend the night?" repeated station master.
    And before Tim could answer the station master asked: "There's one small office room here, If you wish you can rest there till morning."
    Tim initially hesitated but then followed the station master.

    There was knock on the door and Tim heard:" Get-up son! it's 6:30 and the bus service has resumed."
    Tim immediately jumped out of his temporary bedding & thanked the station master.
    There was smile on his face & he jumped down the steps from the station. . . . . . as fast as he could.

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    1. pink ginger said...

      Hi Sunil,

      Thanks for visiting me while I was away.
      I wish you a wonderful weekend.

      The violin picture on your older posting was nice.

    2. priya said...

      That was a good escape huh:) Good writeup Sunil.

    3. @Pink ginger:
      Welcome back dear. Your absence was highly felt. Thanks for appreciating the picture.

      Thanks Priya. This story is inspired from a real life incidence.

    4. krystyna said...

      My hands were wet when I read this fascinate story.
      It is very edifying story.
      Thank you for sharing.

      Wishing you a Wonderful Day!

    5. Good escape I would say :)...awesome walk-thru to the reader...keep it up and yes, your new pic is amazing


    6. @Krystyna:
      I'm happy that you liked it krystyna.
      Nice day to you too.

      Thanks a lot dear. :)

    7. Kalpana said...

      Good thought at the right time for Tim to escape........
      Thanks for visiting my blog........

    8. gunj said...

      hey dats a great write up...v interesting!
      u too hav a wonderful page here!
      keep up d gud work! :)

    9. wow bro!
      that was really good!


    10. @Kalpana:
      Welcome here.

      Welcome here & thanks for appreciating my blog.

      Thanks brother. :)

    11. Sandy said...

      Wow, I liked this!! Great story. It held my interest until the last word.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and after looking at a little here...I will be back. Short on time right now.


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