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  1. First Year of college
    Teacher: Define Ohm's Law?
    Student: Sir Ohm's law states that the current passing through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the potential difference across the two points, and inversely proportional to the resistance between them.

    Second Year of college

    Teacher: Can you define Faraday's Law?
    Student: Well Sir em...well....Faraday's law is a law given by Faraday. It finds its application in electrical engineering.

    Third Year of college
    Teacher: Do you have any idea about Gauss's Law?
    Student: Sir it can be defined as em... well it is defined as.........are you asking about Gauss's law?.
    Sorry sir I forgot the question could you please repeat it?.
    Sir i shall come prepared next time for sure.

    Final Year of college
    Student: Sir what is Newton-Raphson's method?
    Teacher: It is $%)%#!%^* given by +!*(&%##@&** and used for %$*@(&^$% !

    And finally the student becomes a full time engineer (maybe).

  2. 16 Comments:

    1. Sam said...

      Lols.. ;) So which year are you in??

    2. Naveen said...

      :)... how does it matter anyway, i guess an engineering degree these days is only a step towards becoming a S/W pro or an MBA ..... am i rt?

    3. priya said...

      Very creative and thaz what it is about books and boards isn't it.

    4. LOL Man!
      That was Hilarious but true :P
      atleast with me! :P
      but my sub is computers! ;)


    5. krystyna said...

      hahaha, it is fantastic deduction.

    6. krystyna said...

      This year is your final year of Electrical Engineering, Sunil?

      Have a successful time!

    7. Sunil said...

      Hi there,
      I'm currently in the final year. Enjoying my last 40 days or so at NIT Hamirpur.

      I agree with you. But i'll be joining a gov't organization.

      Thank you. Yes I agree. :)

      Computers!!! Then you might have more dreadful experiences than me. :D

      Thanks a lot dear. :)

    8. Pranay said...

      but in d final year, even teachers come to know, that this guy knows nothing.. so they themselves dont bother asking questions!

    9. Megha said...

      hahahaha...reminds me of my engineering days. We used to say," you're not an engineer unless you know how to do GT (glass tracing) without getting caught!"
      Happy Holi to you too...thanks for reminding me, I had forgotten. :-)

    10. Sunil said...

      Welcome friend.
      Yes! & by the final year students too get a bit smart. :)

      Happy Holi!.

    11. Solitaire said...

      Should I have been an engineer to understand this post?

    12. gunj said...

      how true!
      4th yr tak aate aate acha khasa student bhi duffer ban jata hai!

    13. Sunil said...

      Nope dear. None of my articles here are esoteric. :)

      Hahahah!!!! Sahi kaha aapne. :D

    14. Meenu said...

      good .. true ... and perfect ;)_

    15. S.Ghosh said...

      gr8 ...reminds me my degree period and those funny interviews in practicals with specifically unknown with both answer as well as questions..... liked the post ....

    16. reminded me my physics days! I loved it...
      good humor

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