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  1. My best lines

    Mar 12, 2008

    Here are my all time favorite lines from my personal diary:

    Imagine! Just Imagine!.

    2. No straight story was ever worth telling.

    3. The knock of pure love has a different sound.

    4. The heart accepts some reasons, and the journey never stops.

    5. Dream! Your dreams may not be fulfilled but you won't have nightmares either.

    6. In there lies questions, In there lies answers.

    7. Knowledge is fearlessness.

    8. Fiction sounds better than the real life.

    9. Fake things are volatile.

    10. Destiny has something in store for everyone.

    11. The good thing about time is that it goes on.

    12. Short-sightedness kills an individual.

    13. Never complain because complaining is never a solution.

    14. A man's mind is busy creating problems and he's busy solving them -confused and lost.

  2. 16 Comments:

    1. Solitaire said...

      Number 10 is good. I only can hope that destiny has something GOOD in store for everyone.

    2. priya said...

      I go with No. 4 and 13.

    3. @Solitaire:
      Welcome here. Yes Destiny is a big thing.

      Thanks! Have a nice time. :)

    4. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      Your best lines is really the best!
      All nnmbers.
      As my fav. I choose no. 3 and 13.

      Good luck!

    5. preetha said...

      My favorite is " Life moves on.." It makes sense, especially in bad know it will neevr last forever! :) How are you?? Seems like you can publish your personal diary someday Sunil :)!!


    6. Naveen said...

      3, 7 & 11 ... my favs .... gr8 place u have here ..:)

    7. gunj said...

      i like d 2nd straight story was eva worth telling!!

    8. Loved them all!

      Nice space you have here :)

    9. Sunil said...

      Thank you friends. :)

    10. Megha said...

      This is one I live by: There is no failure except in no longer trying. There is no defeat except from within, no really insurmountable barrier save our own inherent weakness of purpose.
      (by Kin Hubbard)

    11. Meenu said...

      Wow !
      i loved #3, 4,9,11,14 !well as a matter of fact i did like all .. but these werre my best !

    12. Dipika said...

      did u actually think these up..? They're interesting..although it begs the question as to the prevailing circumstances that spur such thought...

    13. Sunil said...

      Welcome here.
      Yes these my own words. My diary entries usually are my self made one liners. :)

    14. Really beautiful lines:

      loved these two the most :
      "The knock of pure love has a different sound. "

      "Dream! Your dreams may not be fulfilled but you won't have nightmares either."

      keep it up:)

    15. heena said...

      sir its just amazing!!!!!!
      especially "The knock of pure love has a different sound."

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