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  1. Letter from a friend

    Mar 16, 2008

    A beautiful gift from one of my special friend.
    • Sometimes winning is everything.
    • Take a stand, now or never.
    • Choose a high.
    • Leave your mark.
    • Kill doubt.
    • Stand for something, prove something.
    • Make waves, never say die.
    • Live your dream.
    • Conquer your fears.
    • Take a risk.
    • Erase boundaries.
    • Beat the odds.
    • Trust your instincts.
    • Take up a challenge.
    • Never give up.
    • Prove yourself.
    • Own your words.
    • Right a wrong.
    • Dare to dream.
    • Push the limit.
    • Play with pride.
    • Wake the spirit.
    • Go for glory.
    • Tougher the better.
    • Face your demons.
    It's your time. Taste The VICTORY.

    What is your most memorable gift?


  2. 12 Comments:

    1. Awesome :)
      Mine was a friend sent me good wishes through a song in his own voice :)
      Cheers dear

    2. Kalpana said...

      Wow, got a wonderful friend... :)
      A book presented to me by my dear friend "The Present".

    3. Sunil said...

      Thanks dear.
      Song from your friend in his own voice..that was simply great.:)

      Thank you!.

    4. wonderful bro!
      I dont exactly have any such memorable gifts!
      my friends are my gift gift from god! thats all!


    5. gunj said...

      nothing better than dat fo sure!
      wonderful gift!

    6. Sunil said...

      Really, friends are the best possession anyone can have.

      Thank You!.

    7. priya said...


      Never giveup is something we shud follow in our lives.

    8. c e e d y said...

      Hey thanks for visiting - hope to see you more often

      Gift - I have a little box that a friend gave me when we had some seesion many years back.....

      it was a symbolic box - that we were supposed to give each other - with special powers to lesses out pains - I still have it

    9. Sunil said...

      That really is the core of our existence.

      I really liked your blog & shall be regular there.

      A box with special power to lessen out pain sounds interesting. :)
      Thanks for your visit here.

    10. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      Sorry, I'm late.
      This letter is really perfect gift.
      Last week I got a big, beautiful basket of fruits from my client.
      I was really happy, she knows what I like and what is good for health.
      Generally people like to buy as a gift chocolate or some sweets.

    11. Sunil said...

      Basket of fruits is a perfect gift for you.And it's a good idea too.

      Have a nice time dear. :)

    12. Meenu said...

      Wow! good ... i know how it is to have a wonderful friend .. :) who cares for you more than you ..
      well my best gift have bee \n many a times .. i guess i must say the friendship itself is the bestest gift !

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