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    Feb 19, 2008

    Destiny brought three of us together as roommates but choice made us best buddies. Two years of togetherness, arguments, laughs, care, annoyance, and the endless gyaan (advices). Our growth was entangled together and each one of us felt a sea change in our lives
    After two years of togetherness we had to move separate ways and the single threes became three singles.

    The biggest enemy

    Distance is the biggest enemy of any relationship and ours was no exception. Each one of us got so busy managing life that we could hardly find time for ourselves.
    Nearly two years passed and the feelings started piling up.

    Best feelings in life are never said

    We had a short reunion yesterday and it felt as if we are still the same; the same old friends.

    Destiny is sweet, but unknown

    Now Atal might be busy studying or surfing internet & I'm here penning down my feelings whereas J.P might be busy tracking the stock market. Don't know where the destiny will lead us. Each one of us is heading towards different direction yet the bonds never cease to break. Maybe because the strongest bonds in life are cherished inside heart, they are beyond the reasons of time and distance.

    PS: 20th Feb is Atal's B'day. Happy Birthday Atal.

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    1. Margie said...

      I really enjoyed this post, Sunil.
      A toast to your friendship with your friends, J.P and Atal.
      May your friendship with them stay strong and true!

      The reunion with them must have been wonderful!
      This summer, I'm going to visit a very dear friend I have not seen in 8 years.
      I'm so very excited about seeing her again!

      Take care, my friend!
      Wishing you happy days...always!

      P.S Happy birthday to Atal on the 20th.

    2. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      Reading your post my eyes became wetted.
      The time goes so fast and what is today never, never be the same.
      Photos, letters,...,.. or blogs too are the wanderful reminders. Your today's post in the future will show how strong is that frienship.

      I wish you and your grear friends good luck!

      And Happy Birthday Atal!

    3. glad to have u back sunil!
      and btw did u change ur name??
      happy birthday to ur friend! :)


    4. shammu said...

      Hii Sunil!!
      I totally agree with you..the biggest bonds never break, it stands the test of time!!!!

      Cheers to your beautiful frendship!!!!


    5. Cool thoughts ...:)
      About distance...yes two things can happen ...either you part or distance makes the relationship strong too :)
      Atal - a belated happy birthday to you

    6. priya said...

      Best feelings in life are never said..

      Totally agreed Sunil.

    7. krystyna said...

      How are you Sunil?
      Hope you have a good time.
      I wish you the best!!!

    8. preetha said...

      It a beautiful post! I loved it :) Touch wood!! for your beautiful friendship!! :)


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