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  1. Strings of Life

    Feb 9, 2008

    I often get engrossed in the word 'Life'. What is the meaning of life?. Is it happiness? Is it Love?, or is life some sort of gimmick played upon us by some higher power?.

    One day pondering over such questions I subconsciously sketched a guitar on the paper at hand and titled it as 'Strings of Life'. Later on this became the title for my first blog.
    The idea behind Strings of Life was to create an online souvenir where I can express myself, share my thoughts and discover the meaning of Life.

    The new face of Strings of Life:
    The two year journey from 2006 to 2008 was like sea waves, full of highs and lows.
    Now I've moved Strings of Life from Google owned domain( to a custom domain so as to make a fresh start.
    Whereas the theme remains same: Life.

  2. 12 Comments:

    1. Great to see you back baba! Everything is fine at my end... Some good news too.. I am married now.. ;)

      Again, great to see you back, with the same verve and spirit. The strings are back!!!! Rock man...

    2. krystyna said...

      The music may stop now and than, but the strings remain forever!

      "To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it's about, but the music the words make".-
      Truman Capote

      Goog luck, Sunil!

    3. MM said...

      I just caught u back in action at Sreejith's blog! Hope lifes treating u good!!

      And all the best fr the new lease of life at the Strings!

    4. MM said...

      And ofcourse do ur exams well!!

    5. Margie said...

      Hi Sunil
      How happy I am to see you back!
      It was a wonderful and pleasant surprise to see you at my blog yesterday!
      I missed you!
      Time passed, but I did not forget about you!
      Hope life is good for you and will continue to be!

      May your life be full of joy and love!
      Looking forward to your next post!
      Your friend,


    6. priya said...

      Welcome Back Sunil:)

    7. @Sreejith:
      Thanks dear. Will be regular now onwards. :)

      Thanks a tonne dear. When friends like you support it always feels great.

      Thank you dear but i'm not talking to you..and you know why? :D

      Thanks a lot dear.
      Will be regular at Strings now. :) I missed you and your poetry.

      Thanks dear. Sorry for being late at your blog.

    8. Srijith Unni said...

      Hi Sunil..!

      Great to see you back at one of your passions.! here`s wishing you a great second round of blogging.!

      BTW i cam to know what String of Life mean.. just now.. Quite a title that..!

      Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless.!
      With Best Regards,

    9. shammu said...

      Hii Sunil!!!
      Really happy to see ya back, and thank you for dropping by at my blog!!! Ofcourse I havent forgotten you, and i am doing all fine and great!!!!
      Hope you are too!!!
      Keep bloggging!!!!!

    10. Welcome and good luck with the new start :)
      Life has to be the theame as that is what people miss to live :) sometimes


    11. @Srijith:
      Thanks a lot dear.

      Hello dear. I'm doing great to.
      Nice to have you here. Have a nice time.

      Thank a lot dear.

    12. cassidy said...

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