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    Feb 8, 2008

    Hello and welcome at Strings of Life (

    My shortest résumé:
    Name: Sunil Parashar
    Age: Currently on my 23rd 24th revolution around the sun.
    Location: Hamirpur Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India.
    Education : NIT Hamirpur (B.Tech, Electrical), Sainik School Balachadi, Jamnagar, Gujarat (Higher Secondary)
    Occupation: Currently in the final year of Electrical Engineering at NIT Hamirpur. Working as Engineer in a PSU.

    In retrospect, I aspired to be an army officer, a multi millionaire, join merchant navy, be an IAS officer, join the corporate world, start my own industrial conglomerate, be a writer, and what not but it took me 19 years to discover that all these realms demand hard work and therefore I ended up being an engineer(maybe).

    Literally speaking I'm not a genius/technical person but yes I'm a curious soul and once I make up my mind for something I give my entire self towards it. I believe, if you don't have something then create it. After all life is all about being passionately passionate about ones aspirations & dreams.
    These lines by Emily Dickinson best describes me:
    "A face devoid of love or grace,
    A hateful, hard, successful face,
    A face with which a stone
    Would feel as thoroughly at ease
    As were they old acquaintances —First time together thrown."

    My hobbies include:
    Reading: Imagination has no upper limit & to me books are as important as breathing. View my collection of books over here>> .

    Writing: I love collecting diaries and scribbled pages appear better than the blank ones. It took me 20 years to realize that I've no talent for writing but by then I was already popular.(Quote)

    Web designing: Internet is the best medium to express oneself & I think it's better to get your hands dirty with some elementary coding than to pay some professional web developer for such a stupid thing.

    Photography: Oops! I don't own a camera but I think I've an eye for photography. Soon I'll be equipping myself with a DSLR, but then soon itself is a big word. :D
    Thankfully now I own Nikon D40 & my photography skills can be viewed over here.

    Cooking: It's fun, creativity & far more a thing than keeping utensils on fire. So what would you like to have for the dinner today? :)

    Blogging & me:
    I first heard the term blog way back in 2005 & thought to get one for myself. My first blog can still be accessed over here. As the word 'Life' fascinates me more than anything I named my blog as Strings of Life & have still retained its name. The philosophy behind Strings of Life can be read over here>>
    Blog is the best platform to express myself & the friends I've made over here are worth a million posts.If you don't own a blog I advice you to immediately start one and I'm sure you'll be surprised by the results.

    Thank you for reaching this far, I admire your patience. To stay in touch or to know more about me drop me an email at:

    Or else visit the Contact page.

  2. 3 Comments:

    1. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!
      I is my big pleasure to be here.
      "Strings of Life" is really wonderful, accurate title for your beautiful blog, for your passions.

      Congratulations for your accomplischments in such a young age!

      Your hobbies are similar to my, except of cooking. I don't like cooking because I like a simple food and cooking for me means - waste the time and energy.

    2. krystyna said...

      I think that you have a talent for writing.
      Your collection of books is entertaining.
      I like your life's quote"
      "If you don't have something than create it. After all life is all about being passionately passinate about ones aspiration & dreams".

      Keep up your passions!

    3. preetha said...


      Welcome back!!!!!

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