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  1. The cop whistled at the black Alto and asked to stop.
    Knock, knock. "Roll down the windows you freak."
    The cop: License Please!
    Sorry sir, I don't have one.

    Cop: What?, Show the registration.
    Sorry Sir, but this is not my car.

    Cop: Fine!, Do you know what's the penalty for not carrying the papers?, 500 Bucks!.
    Sorry Sir, I'm a government servant, and have not got salary this month.

    Cop: OK then, pay me 200, without receipt.
    Sorry Sir, forgot my wallet at home.

    Cop: What the F***!, go off you bastard.
    Thank You Sir. But Sir.
    Cop: NOW WHAT?
    Sir I need your help.
    Cop: FOR WHAT?
    Sir, the car is running out of gas, could you please lend me 500 bucks?

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    1. AS said...

      haha! good one... btw ur also is of black colour ??

    2. haha.... if only we could all do that :-)

    3. Shruti said...

      lol! how pathethic can someone be! :P

    4. Solilo said...

      Ha..ha..ha.. oh! I am ROFL.

    5. Sunil said...

      Thanks dear, I got Spark LS, Platinum Metallic colour.
      If only. :)
      Thanks Dear.
      @Choclate Lover:
      Just a thought. :D
      :D Maybe you should try it sometimes, it works. :)

    6. nituscorner said...

      great idea. should remember this next time am stopped by the traffic police.

    7. Sam!! said...

      Good one... between nice place to visit.. :)

      Take care

    8. Anonymous said...

      LOL :) This must have made the cop's day... ha ha :) :) If only we could really do this!!! :)

    9. HaRy!! said...

      ho ho nice one...i wrote a similar blog only the difference being i was involved in the madness! :) c ya around dude!

    10. Anonymous said...

      Funny, but will the beggar bastards let you off without taking at least 10 bucks? The motherfuckers will rob their dead mothers.

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