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  1. I am the Spiderman

    Oct 3, 2009

    I'm the Spider-man. I can fly past heavy buildings with the help of a rope. Whoa, I can climb huge buildings in a fraction of a second. But wait wait, Why have I turned so powerful?. Just because a spider bit me unknowingly?. This can't be true!.

    With the vermilion mark on my forehead and a short pony tale, I'm the Desi version of the spider-man. I have a wife too, and two kids. But they are perfectly normal. Maybe they are not lucky enough to be bitten by a spider. Yes, this is the shortcut to success; go to the nearby jungle, get bitten by the deadliest spider and get the celebrity status overnight.
    My eyes were close, and my back felt painful, maybe due to the war I just had with the goons. But wait, where is my wife? and the kids are missing too.

    I opened my eyes and a spider was dancing on my bed. I stretched my eyes in order to let more light pass through them. And two more little monsters were mocking me from the ceiling. I grabbed my missiles (water bottle, mug, shoes) and bullets (pen, pencils and the other stuff kept on the table) and smacked down those monsters.
    Yes!, I won the war, I'm the strongest. 

    Oh, I should sleep again now. This time peacefully, with no such wacky dream.

    Image Curtsey: Spyndle

  2. 5 Comments:

    1. Shas said...

      Hey had fun reading it. Nice humour. You are good at fiction writing. You sure have a pot full of ideas and stories in your head.
      Keep it up!!

    2. Solilo said...

      You mean..Makkad Manav! :D

    3. Dhiraj said...

      good one.....a writer in making---oh a fiction writer i mean

    4. Sunil said...

      Thanks dear, I'm glad that you enjoyed this.

      Makkadi Manus. :D

      Thanks Sir ji. :D

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