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  1. Happy Diwali

    Oct 17, 2009

    Happy Diwali to all my friends.

    May this Diwali bring happiness infinite to you. And also:

    » May your blog get huge popularity

    » May your posts get 1000's of comments

    » May your blog get loads of backlinks

    » May your blog get listed on the first page of Google search

    » May your blog get featured in the Time magazine

    » May you get featured in the every "Top Bloggers" list

    » May you start a blog - if you don't have one!

    And above all
    May you ever stay a happy & nice blogger, as you already are.

    Happy Diwali!

  2. 16 Comments:

    1. Solilo said...


      Happy Diwali to you and your family, Sunil!

      "May you ever stay a happy & nice blogger, as you already are." :)

    2. AS said...

      hiiii :)

      Happy Diwali to you!

    3. Sunil said...

      Hey Thanks,
      Happy Diwali.

      Thanks dear, happy Diwali, Enjoy.

    4. We bloggers couldn't ask for more :)
      This will make a Diwali like never before!
      So same to you!
      Hope you blog hop
      without a stop,
      May gadgets new, be gifted to you
      May commenting bring surprises new
      Awards and tweets may make your day

      May you delight
      At lovely sights,
      May you enjoy this festival of lights
      May you splurge on luxuries all
      BUT May you refuse
      To ever use
      Things that make a hole in the ozone layer,
      And destroy the only known atmosphere :(

    5. The Survivor said...

      Let's hope all that come true :)

      Wish you a Happy Diwali too!!

    6. krystyna said...

      What a beautiful wishes Sunil!

      What a fantastic poem from Indian Home Maker!

      I wish you and ALL people in your country-
      Happy Diwali - the Festival of Lights!

    7. Sunil said...

      Hey wow, Amazing poem, you wrote it?

      @The Survivor:
      Thank You dear.

      @ Krystyna:
      Thanks a tonne dear.

    8. heyyyy, happy diwali to u tooo..
      I hope that all things u said come true ;p
      once again happy diwali!!!


    9. nituscorner said...

      wishing u too a very happy diwali.

    10. workhard said...

      Wish you a very happy Diwali..

      Those were some really nice things u put up here..:)

      Web hosting india

    11. Shas said...

      Hi! Sunil, Thanks for the Diwali wishes and the award. What a sweet diwali gift. Hope you had a wonderful Diwali with friends and family.
      Lovely poem by Indian homemaker.

    12. LOL Sunil I decided to write all comments in rhyme this Diwali after reading your post :) After all what more can a blogger ask for!? :lol:

    13. nice way of wishing your friends...:-)

      a friendly connection from blog to blog

    14. Shanu said...

      First time here and happy to see such a lovely post :)

      Happy Diwali to u too :)

    15. Akshay said...

      Happy Diwali...

    16. Sy said...

      hey I found your blog on blogcatlog.. and thanks for the words of encoragement!

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