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  1. Football dreams

    Oct 6, 2009

    As a little kid I longed to be a football hero. I wanted to kick the ball like the big guys. At the age of ten, when I was sent to the hostel, I volunteered to join the class football team. We were a bunch of kids just excited about the game. Every evening I would excitedly put on my sneakers and run to the playing ground.

    For days I kept chasing the ball without getting a single chance to hit it. Every time the ball was passed on to me, my mind went blank and failed to make any decision. By the time my mind worked out something, some other guy would be handling the ball.
    Due to my inability to take quick decisions my team members lost faith in my game. At times they would shout names and make faces at me. Dejection set in, and a feeling of failure captured my heart. And I decided not to play the game ever again. Whenever asked, I termed football as a mere time waste.

    Now as a grown up I hardly find any leisure time but I still wish to kick the ball like those big guys someday. Encouragement is a big factor in a child's life, we all know this. But still, how many of us really encourage the kids around?.

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    1. The Survivor said...

      I think one should encourage them all the time but at the same time also teach how to handle failures

      I always chose to be the goal keeper saved me from a lot of kicks and push :)

    2. AS said...

      I can very well relate to this :(

    3. Solilo said...

      I encourage my kid. Always! :)

      Sunil, there is still time. Go chase that ball and Kick it.

    4. Shas said...

      We should encourage kids to keep trying despite failures and also how to handle failures and rejection as Survivor has rightly pointed it out.

    5. Sunil said...

      Yes very true.Coz children are the future of the world.

      I understand.

      So good of you, maybe i'll... :)

      Yes very true dear.

    6. Anonymous said...

      My comment disappeared!

      I was saying that not just kids even adults benefit from encouragement. And if we have a dream, and if we really want something - we always acheive it, so go ahead and join a foot ball club or meet a coach, the extra benefit is it will keep you fit :)

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