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  1. Every year the Nobel Committee declares the winners of Nobel Prize in October and the nominations are open till August end. Given a chance, this year I would like to make a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Any guesses? No no, it's not the head of some Grammen Bank. One friend even suggested Rakhi Sawant? It's not Rakhi Sawant either, after all it's the issue of Nobel Prize. After marriage only Rakhi Sawant is at peace not the Junta.

    So this year my nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize would be the Government of India. No, No nuclear deal stuff here, our government truly deserves the award for "PEACEFULLY" handling the November 2008 Mumbai attack case. No bullets fired across the border, No high pitch demands made from Pakistan. Rather the Govt. has provided our guest Mr. Ajmal Amir kasab (the lone survivor terrorist) a celebrity status. Aren't these facts apt enough to nominate our beloved Govt. for the Nobel Peace Prize? If nominated they definitely stand a great chance here.

    Who is your nominee?

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