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  1. 3 stages of cricket

    Aug 27, 2009

    » Introduction to Cricket
    I was tiny tot when my dad gifted me a cricket bat. O' how I loved this game of hitting the ball out of boundary every time it is thrown at you. In the initial days I would ask the bowler to throw only bouncers, no! not because I was learning the game but rather I feared my bat getting dirty. At times I would overhear Uncles discussing about "how foolishly Sachin Tendulkar played this or that shot". If I were adult at that time I would have definitely recommended all such Uncles to be the part of Indian team.

    » Interest in Cricket
    In the teenage days cricket seemed to be the second best thing to discuss (first obviously being Girls). Friends would celebrate India's win as if they got distinction in their board exams and cricket seemed the religion where the cricketers were demigods. From notebook covers to the T-shirt paintings the cricket fever never ceased to end.

    » The loss of libido
    Boredom is in the very nature of the living beings. Wives get bored with the husbands and the husbands with girlfriends. Initially cricket seemed a thing which could never get boring but the overdose of Viagra leads to the loss of libido. Few days back a friend was surprised for I didn't knew the name of an Indian player. It has been ages since I watched any cricket match or even read the sports section of a newspaper. It's not only the overdose responsible for the loss of interest but now I feel that irrespective of whether our team wins or loses, the players are getting rich with every match they play. And we just waste our valuable time watching the series whose outcome we are almost certain about.

  2. 3 Comments:

    1. Ingrid said...

      I must say that I have NEVER in my ENTIRE LIFE seen a cricket game! Never ever ever. Well that said.. also have to say that I just come from a country where the game is not popular .. only a few play it.. and it's not really in the masses :)

      But it sounds interesting. I should look into it.. :)

      "In the teenage days cricket seemed to be the second best thing to discuss (first obviously being Girls). "
      HAHAHAHAHA , that made my laugh :D hahaha

      Take care and keep on writing,

      Ingrid :)

    2. Sunil said...

      Thanks a lot dear. I think you are lucky that you don't have much cricket base in your coutry. :)

    3. The Survivor said...

      I too lost my appetite for cricket, just don't have the excitement to watch them

      Nice change of template

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