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  1. While browsing through newspapers & literary websites, I often find crappy books such as, '5 point someone', 'Twilight', 'Harry potter' etc etc.. in the bestsellers list. Which implies that most of the people are reading crappy stuff. And why not?, these books are easy to read, spicy, unrealistic and full of fantasies. What does a reader get out of all this?, nothing.

    Why do we read something which does not portray reality?, the kind of world we live in?, the kind of feelings a normal human being goes through?.

    25 years later, when our kids may want to know about ‘our times’, what shall we gift them? 5 point someone?, or Harry potter?.
    Writers are writing what the public wants, I think this is the very death of literature.

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    1. Tarun Goel said...

      Good things will never die. The Fountainhead was written in 1943, still it remains a Classic Bestseller.
      Yes, the modern day books are 'less-thoughtful' but still the light is there.

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    2. himani said...

      its very nice to seen ur blog....i m also a blogger but i used to write in hindi..ya u well said that today writers r writing what the public wants or what they want hindi literature this is very weak point...anyway u can visit

    3. Sunil said...

      I think this article published in Hindu explains the point well.
      The Hindu

    4. our realities have become so complicated that we need to hold on to something which does not relate to our world. There is a need for fantasy and an escape these days and this is where our literature is headed. I dont blame people or the authors. Its just a sad sad situation.

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