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  1. Ghost Stories

    Nov 11, 2009

    26th January 2000, those five hundred students of a boarding school had no idea that lot was going to change in their lives that day. I was one of them.
    It was 9:30 in the morning and I was still in the bed, dreaming of candies & biscuits my friend has kept in his cupboard. And then I heard a voice: “You sleep monger RUN...., RUN FAST.”
    Half awake I started running out, only to realize later that it was an Earthquake.
    Yes, the deadly earthquake of Gujarat.

    Everything was in a huge mess. The buildings were damaged, after-shocks were felt every minute, few students lost their near and dear ones, and the final exams were nearing each day.
    One guy from my hostel who was known for his sincerity and honesty complained that he saw a lady ghost cladded in a white sari in the nearby ground at 12’O Clock midnight. As we were already in the trauma of the earthquake, we ignored his plea. Next day, he reported the same. This time we got really scared. And the matter was taken up with a head teacher who took the guy to a ‘TANTRIK BABA’. And finally the guy was declared of having a “KALA SAYA” of some lady ghost. Kala Saya of a white lady? we couldn’t digest the concept, so we decided to stay awake and witness the ghost ourselves.

    Equipped with hockey sticks and chains we waited for the clock to strike 12. As the time passed by the night kept getting darker and darker. Exactly at 12'O Clock the lady ghost appeared in the basketball court. Clutching the hockey sticks and stuff, we all ran out of the hostel. As soon as the ghost saw people approaching her, she started running the other way. We grabbed her and as she was about to get the first blow of the hockey stick, she shouted : “Hey, Please Stop, this is Varun from the Garuda hostel; remember I played black magician on the school annual day.” And we all laughed out loud.
    The next day, no ghost was seen on the ground. But it was heard of being seen in the Garuda hostel.

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    1. Anonymous said...

      Ha ha :) You guys were brave to chase the ghost! What if you had hurt him!! And you guys did a better job than your head teacher!

    2. A S said...

      hahaha! good one :)
      such pranks make hostel life special :)

    3. Tongue Trip said...

      i think every hostel has its own ghost story and/or a suicide incident and haunting spirit thereafter, passed onto newer scholars and then it turns into a legend. very amusing narration, enjoyed.

    4. hehehehehe.. thats y I hate hostels ;p

    5. The Survivor said...

      The ghost got exorcised ha

    6. Sunil said...

      Varun was a very quick witted guy. Very quick in his reactions. I guess he was aware of the consequences.

      Very true dear.

      @Tongue Trip:
      Welcome here, nothing sorts of that was there in my school. It was just a lighter side of frustrated guys.

      @Chocolate lover:
      :D Then i guess you hate ghosts too. :)

      Yes true, the days are still so clear in my memory.

      @The SurvivorL

    7. Margie said...

      Hi Sunil
      This was very funny!
      Thanks for sharing!

      Do you remember me?


    8. Anonymous said...

      Sunil for shifting to WordPress, take a look at this,

      And here’s what I felt,

      Hope you find these helpful

    9. :-)
      well..its strange ..that we humans have fear of such entities yet we are too curious as well...
      and our curiosity gives birth a number of stories sometimesfunny sometimes really scary..

    10. Shas said...

      Lady ghost in pants...lolzzz
      Congrats for ur new indiscore.

    11. Cursed♪♫ said...

      Hi!! I'm soooo glad you liked my poem!!! :D
      Do check out my new one!

    12. Solilo said...

      Sunil, you guys scared the ghost. Hahahaha

    13. Shas said...

      Hi! buddy, wherez u? Its long you havn't updated your blog. Am missing my story-time. Hope you put up something new soon.

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