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  1. Four years- a memoir

    Apr 11, 2008

    The autumn of 2004, pants folded and the furious rain trying to snatch away the umbrellas. First rendezvous with the Electrical block of NIT Hamirpur (my college) & I grinned: Ah! this magnificent building is going to be my department for the next four years and somewhere I knew that I've made a wise decision.

    Happiness, excitement, fear, anger, friendship, love, success . . . . . .endless memories hitched inside the heart.
    These insured four years of life are about to end and soon the things are going to be different. I often wonder: why do things have an ending? Is it to make a new start? but the new start again heads towards new end. After all why do things come to an end?

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    1. priya said...

      That is life and u have to move on

      Sunil, it takes longer period to open up ur page. Just wanna let u know.

      U will enter ur first step of workforce soon and wish u good luck.

    2. well, time stops for none!
      and so should U, life goes on and u have to catch up with it :)
      u cant really do anything about it!


    3. Sunil said...

      Thanks a tonne dear. I've changed the entire theme.
      Thanks for your wishes.

      Hello bro,
      I agree with you. All we can do is live in present.

    4. Stacey said...

      Hi Sunil,
      A very good question, "why do things come to an end?"
      Well the answer to this is......
      I really do not know............
      then again......................
      does anyone.....................

      Thank you so much Sunil, for visting my blog and for your lovely compliment.

    5. Dave said...

      I always wonder what is next. One of my favorite scenes in a movie is of Tom Hanks in the movie Castaway... The very last scene. If you have seen it you know what I am speaking about.

      Good to be back and check in on you. I somehow forgot to return you to my favorites... I gotta correct that one!

      I'll be back! :-)

    6. Sunil said...

      It's good to see you here. I really liked your poetry.

      Hello Dear,
      I thought you've forgotten me. :D
      But it's great to see you again over here. t.c :)

    7. probably yes!life is like a chapter ends and the other begins..n eventually, we reach the conclusion!
      thanks for dropping by :)

    8. Kalpana said...

      This is what life is all about. You have got an answer... :)

    9. krystyna said...

      Hi Sunil!

      The time goes very fast. Your four years of study was a vise decision of course. Big Congratulations!
      I'm so happy reading your post.

      Take care and good luck!

      I'll be back soon/
      now, I'm sick -big back/hands pain.
      (too much worked)

    10. S.Ghosh said...

      well may b b'coz

      "the good thing about bad things are that they come to an end ..and the bad thing about good things are they also come to an end "

      thats the theory of life ....keep going all the best

      thanks for your visit

    11. gunj said...

      i think im d only 1 happy bou colej gettin over!!

    12. Meenu said...

      For the question just ask why life? Why death?
      Why a life when I need to die tomorrow, why die when I am born to live? I know this may sound confusing at the moment but then 1st principle in life is that “Life s a full circle”.. Be it small point or a dot or a big circle… it is a circle. Even birth life cycle, the ecological balance, there is a flow in everything .it s continuous.. Keeps on happening!

      all the best 4 u to enter the corporate ....

    13. Biju said...

      nice article with a thought provoking question at the end....[:)]

    14. Le Hornet said...

      quote... you will like (i think)...
      "everything that has a beginning has an end" i liked it still. peace.

    15. All good things come to an end to make room for better things!Good luck :)

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